How to Remove Window Tint?

Car owners tend to remove the tint from their vehicle for many reasons. The most common one is because it is just time to have it replaced with a new one. There are of course definite service providers who specialize in removing window tint, however, most car owners find it easier to do it on their own, first of all, with the purpose of saving some money. If you don't wish to face additional financial expenses, you can also consider this do-it-yourself project. Further, some ways of safe removal of window tints are described. If you follow these instructions carefully you will avoid damaging or even breaking the window glass of your favourite vehicle. Be very careful to learn how to remove window tint on your own.

Step 1: Ensure that it will be a bright day when you will be removing your window tint. Prepare all the necessary materials including a squeegee blade, scissors, black garbage bag, ammonia, mask, spray bottle, water and some soap.

Step 2: Cut a piece of the shape similar to that of the windows with the help of two plastic garbage bags. Prepare a mixture of water and some soap.

Step 3: Apply the mixture of soap and water to the outside part of the window. A spray bottle can be also used to make the application of the soapy water easier and ensure that the surface is completely covered with it.

Step 4: Now it's high time for the sprayed area to be covered with the plastic garbage that was prepared beforehand. It should be also smoothened out with the help of a squeegee blade.

Step 5: Further ammonia has to be applied to the first layer of your plastic bag. Remember that all other surfaces inside your car should be well protected from ammonia as this substance can easily damage them. It is also highly recommended to wear a protective mask not to breathe in harmful fumes produced by ammonia. Ammonia can be also put in a spray bottle to coat the window more evenly.

Step 6: When the ammonia is wet, put the next layer of black plastic bag. Have it well smoothened with a squeegee. Leave it outside for a few hours to get dried completely. The main reason why the tints should be removed in a sunny day is that the garbage bag filled with ammonia can easily absorb heat. This will further help you to remove the adhesive that keeps the tint intact.

Step 7: Peel the tint from the window's corner with the help of a squeegee. The tint should be peeled in one piece to simplify the process of cleaning the window afterwards, simple Barclaycard Ring Mastercard.

Step 8: After you have removed the tint clean the window with the mixture of water and some soap. Ensure that you haven't left any tint films behind after the window has been cleaned. After you have removed the tint films clean up all the other unnecessary materials from your car's windows.

Now when you know how to remove window tint from your vehicle you can start the project just now. Don't forget to prepare all the necessary tools and materials beforehand. Good luck!