Pudelpointer Temperament and Lifespan

Breed Pudelpointers appeared in the XIX century, then the German breeders set out to combine the hunting qualities of endurance and temperamental pointer with keen intelligence of a poodle, which is also well felt in the water. A descendant of this union gained the ability to work effectively on land, in water and in the marsh. It is persistent and works hard with the game, it is notable for its sharpness. Period of the breed formation lasted for several decades and the first association of owners of this breed was founded in 1987.

Pudelpointer is a dog with a simple, open and solid character. It is important to immediately precipitate a dog, and in any case not to give a weakness, if it refuses to obey immediately. Eventually it will give way and have never rebel. The lesson should be learned once and for the whole life which is about 12-15 years. The best thing is if the dog has only one owner. In this case, a deep and reverent love of a man will make the training much easier.

How Much Does a Pudelpointer Cost and Price Range

The average price is about $500-$700. The cost of Pudelpointer breed as well as any other breed has some factors which can influence it. First of all, it's the quality of the dog as the breed quality and the show quality dogs cost more than usual pet quality dogs. The second factor can be the place where you are going to buy the puppy taking into account if the breeder you are going to buy the dog from is really trustworthy person.

Pudelpointer Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Externally poodle-pointer is rather large, heavy dog with elongated head, wide muzzle, muscular limbs and a deep chest. Adult height at the withers is 60 to 65 cm, weight is 25 to 32 kg. Coat of poodle-pointers must be tight-fitting, rough, thick, feels like a wire but with a soft dense undercoat. The standard allows two kinds of color poodle-pointers: brown colors and the color of fallen leaves. Caring for its hair is simple, it is only necessary to regularly comb the dog.

Pudelpointer Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The Pudelpointer is an extremely active dog and it requires considerable space for movement and a splash of energy, so this breed should not be taken in a city apartment. As regards the nature, it is all written on his face of an honest, incorruptible open and good-natured creature.

In relations with the Pudelpointer an important educational aspect is the correct distribution of roles: the dog must recognize its master and leader to obey his rules. Here you will need persistence and determination, because the Pudelpointer may attempt to take the place of the "principal in the pack." But in general, it is obedient, smart, and well-trained executive breed.